Catechesis Workshops

After the parish mission, we will hold a Catechesis Workshop for clergy and laity to learn the fundamentals of the Sacred Heart Apostolate including, history, theology, rituals and an organization model for a Parish Enthronement Team, which includes a group of dedicated parishioners who will help prepare the other members of the parish, or diocese, for enthroning the Sacred Heart of Jesus in their homes and offices.

Before inviting Jesus into our homes and proclaiming Him as the King and Head of our household, we must be well prepared. The real gift of the Enthronement is the awareness of the Living Presence of God in our homes; therefore we prepare our hearts and home with that gift of His coming foremost on our minds. The Workshop will go over all aspects of the leadership, preparation and the enthronement ceremony.

Fr. Gaffney addresses the Enthronement Team at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Alcoa, Tennessee

The enthronement ceremony is taught to the team by Fr. Gaffney and a family in the parish.