Divine Mercy Catholic Church – Sacramento, California USA

Hello Everyone,

Praise and thanksgiving to our Lord Jesus Christ for our blissful commissioning ceremony last Sunday! We are now Certified Promoters of the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus!!! (Our signed certificates are being laminated by one of our Promoters.) We accept as true that the Enthronement conveys myriad of blessings as deemed in the Twelve Promises He presented to Saint Margaret Mary. Hence, we pray that we may graciously carryout our mission to let our love go beyond our home into the families of our community as we endeavor to hold in the highest regard the Enthronement of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. We protract on our ministry with continued Catechesis and devotions to the Most Sacred Heart.

We are so blessed as well to have Fr. Soane as our mentor. His heart is truly joined together with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He is so spiritually enthused in the Enthronement promotion he suggested that we carry ministry cards (we would not like to call it business card ) to distribute after Masses together with the flyers. He also suggested Promoter’s certificate (I feel honored that he designated yours truly to be our card and certificate emblem’s designer ) to officially acknowledge our ministry. He continuously kindles our reminiscence that: Family is the nucleus of cultivating jubilant Christian culture.

It was not a smooth sailing when we were initially putting together our ministry. There were some desolations and despondencies (that almost made me throw in the towel ), but as soon as we casted our votes and moved forward, the glumness vanished as it never happened. (I may sound exaggerating but it is true ) it seemed like we were touched by a magic wand. We must have been beamed by His radiating Sacred Heart! When we get together, we are indivisible! Everyone is obliging, acquiescent, generous and supportive of each other!

Our pilgrimage last April brought tremendous blessings in my life. I was predestined to take the trip with all of you. Notwithstanding the unforeseen volcanic eruption and inconvenience caused by it, I decline all the downbeat feeling linked with it J

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in you; have mercy on us.

My sincerest thanks to all of you! Peace and Blessings,