San Michel School in Boucan Carre’, Haiti

Sacred Heart Mission Team Shares the Enthronement Ceremony with San Michel School in Boucan Carre’, Haiti

Jesus was publicly proclaimed “King and Head of San Michel School” during a ceremony last December. This was truly a gift from God. The sisters who run the school had prepared the hearts of the 758 children to make this covenant. It was evident from the moment we arrived that the nuns had given much prayer and planning to the ceremony. We did not know going into the trip what they were thinking since communication from there is so very difficult. We had not spoken to them about the details of the Enthronement ceremony since our last visit, which was in September, when we gave them the prayer preparation material.

The ceremony began with Mass. The children then processed up the rugged hill to the school courtyard for the ceremony which had graciously been translated into Creole by Yvon Jen-Baptiste who is from Boucan Carre’.

This trip was a spiritual and medical mission which brought all of us together in a special way that none of us could have forseen. The medical team went out to mobile missions under extremely difficult conditions. Some members of the spiritual team went with them — passing out rosaries and the packets of the Sacred Heart that parishioners here in Knoxville had donated and assembled.

– Lisa Morris
Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish, Knoxville, Tennessee