Sacred Heart Apostolate  

Gloria Anson

President, Sacred Heart Apostolate, Inc., Syracuse, NY

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Over 30 years of parish missions, enthronements and catechesis workshops
     - National & International

Redemptorist Lay Missionary

Conducted 9 Diocesan Enthronements

Conducted Over 5000 Enthronements:
     - Families, singles, businesses, parishes/rectories, (6) religious communities,
       prayer groups, schools, fraternal organizations and conferences
     - Diocesan Enthronement of Diocese in Atlanta at Eucharistic Congress:
       14,000 attending
     - Enthronement of Universities: Franciscan University, Steubenville, OH,
       Christendom College, Front Royal, VA and St. Thomas Aquinas, CA

Sacred Heart Ceremonials:
     In English, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Vietnamese

Distributed Sacred Heart Enthronement kits:
     Every US state as well as UK, Guam, West Indies, Philippines and Nigeria

     After missions, promoters are trained in formation to evangelize through the enthronement
       - Regional workshop for parishes of the diocese of Cincinnati, OH
       - Atlanta Diocese Catechesis – Resulted in 30 parishes embracing this work

Annual Retreats: Fatima Renewal Center, Dalton, PA and formation meetings

Chair woman of Sacred Heart Congress (1991), Conference (1993) and Convocation (1997)

Priest Workshops:
     Diocese of Lincoln, NE (110 Priests), Archdioceses of New York and Atlanta, GA

Invitations to speak at national conferences:
     - Unity Conference in Philadelphia, PA
     - Marian Conference in Wichita, KS
     - Signs of the Times in Woodridge, VA
     - Christendom College Conference in Front Royal, VA

Triduums: Utica NY, Hyde Park, NY and New York City