Sacred Heart Apostolate  

Sacred Heart Apostolate, Inc.
A Global Movement for Creating a Civilization of Love through the Enthronement

We are about the Sacred Heart of Jesus and families. Our on-going goal and focus in this time of grace is to bring forth Jesus Christ as the "Enthroned King of the World."

We strive to reach this goal by the enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in families, homes, institutions, businesses, schools, parishes, communities, and groups dedicated to living out the Gospel message.

Although the New York Regional Enthronement Center (The Sacred Heart Center) is our headquarters, we also work on a regional, national, and international level.

What Is Our Mission?

Mission Statement

Sacred Heart Apostolate, Inc., A Global Movement for Creating a Civilization of Love through the Enthronement, is to renew societies by centering families on the love of God incarnated in the Heart of Christ. The movement was founded by Fr. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, in Paray-le-Monial, France in 1907. It was endorsed by the Church as a global movement which continues to renew families on every continent for creating a civilization of love through the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart.

The Purpose of the Apostolate is to
"Win Souls to Christ"

In this endeavor, the Apostolate is committed to the Christian renewal of families through the Heart of Jesus. It ... propagates "A way of life" for God's people; fosters the Eucharistic life of individuals and families, which in turn extends to the parish family and the community at large; encourages the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in order to give primacy to Christ in our lives, homes, and workplaces and to obtain love and reparation for the Heart of Jesus; and places high priority on the spiritual formation of apostles in order to bring about a devotedness towards the person of Jesus Christ.

Who Encourages Us?

"Mrs. Gloria Anson has tirelessly worked for this apostolate on a local, state and national level. The seeds of the Sacred Heart Apostolate have yielded many fruits. A number of religious vocations, an increase of family values and marriage enrichment, and a deeper devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Be assured of my prayers, support, and blessings in all your future endeavors connected with the Sacred Heart Apostolate."
- Most Rev. James M. Moynihan
 Bishop of Syracuse, New York

"Mrs. Gloria Anson has been closely associated with the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, in promoting devotion to the Heart of Christ and the Apostolate of the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart on Families. She has been on a team conducting parish Missions which have proven to be powerful means of bringing individuals and families closer to Christ. I encourage her to continue her apostolate of making the love of the Heart of Christ better known and experienced throughout the country."
- Very Rev. Patrick F. Fanning, SS.CC.
 Past Provincial, U.S.A. East Coast Province

"I am deeply moved by your promoting universal consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I believe this is one of the graces as we approach the third millennium, and you are very much in step with the Holy Father. I want to encourage you to keep going, and I have prayed for your continued efforts to spread devotion to the Sacred Heart."
- Fr. Michael Scanlan, T.O.R.
 Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio

"Nothing could be more important for our troubled world than to bring the merciful love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus into the heart of our homes."
- Timothy T. O'Donnell, S.T.D.
 Christendom College, VA